My Morning Meditation

 Rares Piecu from

This morning, I sat for my 15 minute meditation. In no time at all, I noticed that I had shifted my attention away from my breath and was in deep: worrying about my dog who had eaten a sock the other day…the Physical Therapy appointment that I have to get my son to this afternoon. The fact that I need to go to the pet store to get dog food…you get the picture.

Meditation can feel like a MAJOR frustration when you are bringing your attention back to the present…over and over again! I hear people tell me…what’s the point? It is SO frustrating… I can’t keep still…!

Anyone who has ever meditated can tell you, it can feel like a big commitment and takes a very long time to learn how to focus on the present for more than a few moments at a time.

But I had sort of an epiphany this morning. I thought: what if I realize that this is part of the process of meditation and mindfulness, this back and forthing between past, future and present? Because, this is MY process and MY experience. Which is what mindfulness is really all about. With that realization, I don’t have to beat myself up about being “bad at mindfulness” anymore. Mindfulness is really about noticing one’s own experience without judgment. And this is mine.



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