Last night, I had great intentions to make fish for tomorrow’s dinner.  I went out and bought some Salmon.

Then my son announced late last night, he was bringing a friend home for dinner tomorrow!

When he heard I was making fish, he shook his head EMPHATICALLY no way in hell was I going to serve fish to his friend!

And there was no way in hell I was going back to that grocery store to buy special food!  Guessing you all get the picture!

Food can be a huge stressor.  How in the world can we find time to grocery shop, deal with picky eaters, plan what to make and actually cook it?   It can just feel impossible!

So, we pick up a pizza from the grocery store.  Mea Culpa:  I have done that WAY too many times.  We drive through the drive in.  We get take out.

We all want to put healthy food in our bodies.  We want to be good role models for our children and to make sure they are eating healthfully.

Because if we don’t, eating crap will sap our energy.  We will be way more prone to eating late at night.  And we will be more likely to give into to dealing with our emotions through food.

In my years of coaching, I have gotten many requests for healthy snacks and recipes.  Many of us skip eating at work because we are too busy.  Healthy snacks sometimes are lifesavers and can keep us going throughout the day.

So, I have listened to you and I am offering a FREE GIFT—A No Stress Snack and Recipe Guide.  It has 12 easy snack ideas and recipes along with serving sizes. Many of these can be repurposed into a small meal.

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From Unsplash Chris Lawton