How Time Management Strategies May Fail You

 Heather Zabriskie from

So many people I work with ask me: how do I stuff all of the tasks I have to do in the time I have in a day?
If this feels like you, you are staggering from the weight of all that you believe you need to get done.
You feel all these tasks are on you so you don’t ask for help, to delegate or to simply say “no” so you take on more than you can possibly do.
The personal cost is the lack of time with your family or quality time.
When you find yourself on your phone during kids’ performances or sporting events instead of watching them.
When you tell your kids that you don’t have time to play a game because you are playing catch up.
When you see your kids during breakfast, then briefly at dinner and at bedtime because you need to shut yourself into your home office and work. Or you are running around throwing in a load of laundry, cleaning, running errands at the end of your day when what you really want is to go for a walk with your family after dinner.
And when you find that you are snapping at your kids and you know it is because YOU can’t stand one more demand placed on you.
Most people look for something outside of themselves to solve this problem: such as apps or planners help them get organized. And I can attest there are many.
But I am guessing that most of you are busy professionals who have systems in place to help you handle the staggering amounts of tasks on your plate. You have shared calendars, and programs that connect apps to automate your tasks. You have online to do lists to help you prioritize your tasks and spreadsheet programs. You may have goal setting apps.
Or you may be trying to multi-task so you can be more efficient-or to schedule blocks of time in your week to get things done. These are common strategies people use to try to help them manage their time.
Do you really believe that you are not trying all of the time management tips to help you juggle?
These are tools and strategies that definitely can help make your life easier, but in my experience as a coach, there are often deeper blocks that keep us from making use of these tools effectively. For those of you who have used these, how have they helped in the long run?
The fact is: if you don’t look at and shift your beliefs and your values and get to know the emotions that are driving your decisions, all the time management tips in the world will not help you.
But when you get to the root of this and can make these shifts, you will be able to:
Understand when someone’s demands are true needs and when they are wishes and be able to respond accordingly.
Have control over your time and your schedule because you will no longer be afraid to establish your own boundaries for fear of displeasing others.
You will be able to simply say “no”
And you will be able to communicate your boundaries without apology, calmly and respectfully. Notice that I used the words, “communicate YOUR boundaries”. When I talk about this, the only boundaries you need to set are ones that are yours-ones that are in alignment with your values: what you will or will not allow.
You will allow others to step up and to enable them to take responsibility. Parents and those of you who manage others, I am talking to you.
You will be able to let go of things not being done exactly the way you would want them: such as a spotless house or laundry done when others want it done. But they will get done-perhaps by someone else or by you. But, the pursuit for quality time for your family and your own self-care will take precedence over a spotless home…or not. The point is…you will be making the decisions out of intention-not from a place of fear.
And because you will be making decisions with intention and not from a place of worry and fear, you will be able to let go of all the guilt and shame about not getting it all done
If you are using time management tools and strategies and you still feel overwhelmed, this post is for you.
Please feel free to comment below and let me know what time management strategies you use and if they are helpful to you.  
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