About Me

My name is Sharon and I am Licensed Independent Social Worker as well as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Treatment Specialist for Nicotine Dependence.  Before shifting into coaching, I was in the mental health field.  I have found that my passion is to help support families but from a strengths perspective.  I provide parents the support for their own well being and for parenting so they can create strong families and resilient kids. For the past 10 years I have helped working parents carve out time for their families and for self care so they can tackle the joy and challenge of parenting and very busy lives head-on.

My passion is to help my clients leverage their strengths, creativity and resources to become more mindful and self-compassionate.  I take a whole person approach and encourage people to use all their senses to move forward in the changes that will increase their vitality and joy so they can parent with intention and compassion.

I know that when my clients are at a point of laying ME off,  I have been successful in helping them feel confident that they have cemented their changes for the long haul and don’t need a coach any longer except for occasional tune-ups!